Princeton Reunions is unlike any other college alumni event in the United States, probably the whole world, and the keystone to a successful class reunion is the theme and the logo. For their fifth reunion, the Class of 2007 had chosen the theme "Hargadon's Heroes", as a tribute to the emeritus Dean of Admissions Fred Hargadon, who sent his last batch of "YES!" admissions letters to their class. The other reference was to the sixties TV show, Hogan's Heroes, a comedy about a German WW2 prisoner of war camp.
I presented five concepts, all of which were drawn and lettered by me.  One of my specialties is cartooning which dovetails nicely with the whimsical nature of Reunions. They chose the first logo pictured, with the tiger leaping out of the jeep.
While I did only logo design, it became the backbone of much of their theme paraphernalia: the logo was on costumes, on websites, even printed on the cups they serve their beer in!

Source: Twitter
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